Building Pathways to. a People's Economy Launch WebinarMarch 12th 3-4pm EST

Building Pathways to a People’s Economy

Join NEC, the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), and the Illinois Coalition for Cooperative Advancement for an hour-long webinar to dig deeper into the Toolkit and hear how communities across the country can use policy as a tool for advancing solidarity economies.

Shavaun Evans, Co-Director of NEC will walk participants through the Toolkit and detail the landscape of activism and policy that helped shape its development and content; Yassi Eskandari of SELC will discuss how our communities can use policy to advance solidarity economies – including worker cooperatives and community-controlled housing – and how everyone can and should engage in policy change; and Renee Hatcher will share her organizing and coalition efforts with the Illinois Coalition for Cooperative Advancement that led to the passage of the Illinois Limited Worker Cooperative Association Act – a state law to recognize and support worker owned businesses.

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