Our Vision

Imagine a world where everyone has enough.

Where housing is a human right.

Where there is no difference between “worker” and “owner”.

Where our financial system puts people over profits.

Where we face the realities of our changing climate and relearn to live in balance with nature.

Building this world is possible. It has already begun.

We find ourselves on the precipice of human history. A system designed and run by a handful of elites has brought us to the brink. They live comfortably off the exploitation of our land and labor while the rest of us struggle to survive and the planet burns. Leaving power in their hands will drive us over the edge into global collapse. This too has already begun.

But if we act now, we have a choice. No system is inevitable. What was created can be changed.

Our communities have a long history of advancing the bold, visionary solutions we see today. Cooperatives that create good jobs and bring democracy to the workplace. Land trusts that make housing affordable for everyone. Public banks that invest locally and return wealth to the communities where it was stolen from. Community-owned utilities that transition us to a renewable energy future.

All over this country we are building pathways to a people’s economy.

Our power is growing, but the existing system isn’t designed for us and it’s fighting back.

In order for these solutions to take root, we need to change the rules of the game and build political power. There is a new wave of representation in government that is unafraid to name the stakes and take bold action. The time is now to equip them with the policy proposals necessary to transform our communities.

Together we can build a people’s economy.

Together we can build a future for all of us.

This is how.