The time for
Community Control
is now. This is how.

All over this country we are using policy to
re-write the rules and build pathways to a
people’s economy.

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Own Our Workplaces

We envision a world where there is no difference between “worker” and “owner”. Worker-owned cooperatives – businesses that are owned and operated by their workers — are a critical strategy in building community control and community wealth.

Build Our Neighborhoods

We envision a world in which housing is a human right. Our community-controlled housing strategies strengthen community land trusts, limited equity co-ops, and resident-ownership to ensure our housing system is rooted in community, participation, equity, and anti-displacement.

Finance Our Future

We envision a world in which our financial systems put people over profits. Our financial justice strategies tighten regulation of private banks, divest banks from extractive industries, and expand public and community-controlled institutions so that we can build just and equitable financial systems.

Restore Our Planet

We envision a world where regenerative economies ensure that both people and the planet are thriving. Our climate justice strategies restore the air-water-soil, provide livelihoods, meet community needs, and protect the most vulnerable peoples from the climate crises we have already created.

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